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Ball valve features


1. Wear resistance; since the valve core of the hard-sealed ball valve is made of alloy steel spray welded,

The sealing ring is made of alloy steel surfacing, so the hard-sealed ball valve will not cause much wear when opening and closing. (Its hardness coefficient is 65-70)

2. Good sealing performance; since the seal of the hard-sealed ball valve is manually ground, it cannot be used until the valve core and the sealing ring are completely matched. So its sealing performance is reliable.

3. The switch is light; since the bottom of the sealing ring of the hard-sealed ball valve uses a spring to tightly hold the sealing ring and the valve core together, the switch is very light when the external force exceeds the preload force of the spring.

4. Long service life: It has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, power generation, papermaking, atomic energy, aviation, rocket and other departments, as well as in people's daily life.

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